Hi! My name is Kris Lee. I’m a Chinese-Lebanese born American with a proclivity for drums and percussion. From an early age, I couldn’t help but play along to rhythmic patterns I was constantly hearing, which led me to enroll in every percussive program throughout my educational years. I grew up a jazz drummer and love to play hip hop, gospel, funk, and pop. At the age of 16, my rock band opened up for punk rock legends, The Misfits. I continued my curiosity and experience and graduated cum laude from the Hartt School of Music in Connecticut.

After seeing a need and wanting to meet it, I started a motivational rhythm company, RESONATE, which empowers and educates minds of all ages through percussion and performance. I travel to implement percussion workshops for youth and young adults accompanied by positive, motivational messages.

I have been a touring performer with the International Sensation, STOMP for 5 years and have performed in over 18 countries. I have performed on VH1, FOX, CNN, The Travel Channel, and ¡Despierta America! I had the privilege of being featured in Tom Tom Magazine - a female drumming magazine. Most recently, I played drums in the Segura Viudas Cava campaign with musical act, Lion Babe. I have had residency behind the kit for over two decades. I reside between Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY.

I also love snacks.

I am passionate about collaborating with other creatives. Connect with me on Instagram: @KrisLeeDrums

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you find what you’re looking for.